We give you a helping hand

We understand better than anyone else that purchasing an apartment is not only about signing a purchase contract. You, however, do not need to worry about anything with us. We will give you a helping hand anytime - even where you would not expect it..

For your convenience, we have now prepared a full-fledged alternative to face-to-face meetings. Now, you can buy a new home right from the safety of your current home. Thanks to our e-Meeting service you can meet us online and we can handle everything you need just as if you were in a personal meeting. Learn more about our service.


1st step

First meeting/ e-Meeting

  • - we will help you to get oriented – we will ask you about your requirements and help you to find the most suitable housing according to your wishes
  • -we will arrange your funding – we will advice you on the best variant of funding, taking your needs and future plans into the account, we will arrange everything for you
  • - we will provide you with a detailed information about everything – we will discuss every little detail of your contracts and explain you everything
2nd step

When you acquire your housing with us

  • - we will prepare your apartment according to your needs – we will help you to set your customer modifications so that all serves your needs
  • - you will get a discount – we will give you a discount on equipment you choose to your apartment
  • -you will easily watch the construction process – if your housing is still in the construction phase, we will provide you with a regular information on its progress


3rd step

You move in, you live

  • - and you will sleep peacefully with a 3-year warranty – if you encounter any problem, our claims department will be ready to help you

All services provided to our clients are completely free. You pay only for modifications that you select and implement in your apartment.