Important decision

We believe that purchase of a property can be an important decision for you. Let us present you the reasons why FINEP is the best choice for you out of all other Czech developers.

Why to choose us

  1. FINEP has launched its activities in Slovakia in 2006. After completion of the Jégého alej project we are currently working on construction of the Danubius project. The parent company of FINEP has its headquarters in Prague and belongs amongst the largest developers in the Czech Republic. Since 2013, FINEP has also been implementing a project in Mongolia.
  2. We are building successful projects. Our company specialises in construction of residential projects. During implementation of our projects, we put great emphasis on above-standard services and satisfaction of our clients. Up to now, FINEP has built more than 15,000 apartments in total within tens successfully completed projects in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Quality of our work has been awarded two times in the Czech Republic with the absolute win in the category of residential projects in the prestigious “Best of Realty” competition.
  3. The money of your clients is safe for the whole period of the construction. Our projects are financed by banks and the loans provided for our projects are subject to their regular and very strict audit. The bank releases its funds gradually as per completion of the individual phases of the construction and thus it warrants proper completion of the whole project, even in case that not all of the housing units are delivered.
  4. We provide our clients not “only” with an apartment, but we create his home. We provide the whole infrastructure and services in the vicinity of the project. An example may be the Jégého alej project.
  5. 3-Year warranty for all our projects. We are aware of the importance of our commitment and purchase of a real estate is really important. Therefore, we do everything to meet our obligations and to be a reliable partner for our clients even after completion and delivery of an apartment. Satisfaction of our clients is the best reward for us and also a challenge in our incessant efforts to improve.
  6. High-quality furnishings. We put the accent on high standard of apartment furnishings within our projects. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring recent trends. Our clients are offered a wide selection of furnishing items with many flexible options. Our technician is always ready to help and give an advice when addressing the questions of living standard or other changes made by clients (provided they are feasible and allowed by applicable technical standards).
  7. We build only with the best ones. We put great emphasis on quality of all our projects. Our partner is Takenaka, a leading building company, which implements constructions of our recent projects.

We will help you on choosing an apartment

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.