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2nd year of a studen competition of the slovak technical university

The 2nd year of this competition was launched in autumn 2017. The students of the 5th year of the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava were to create a project of interior design of a typical loft apartment in the Cvernovka building on the Trnavska Street in Bratislava within an interior design workshop. The students have submitted their designs at the end of December 2017 and the results and the winning project was announced in February 2018..

The jury was amazed by the visualisation of Bc. Katarína Nagyová. Her apartment design was really original and tasteful. The winner has won a gift – a new laptop – for her project. Congratulations!

Supports STU students in Bratislava

In connection with preparation of PREMIÉRE, our new residential project, we have launched the 1st year of the competition for the students of STU in Bratislava in autumn 2016. Its object was to design an interior of the apartment 2101.B on the 21st floor of the high-rise building in the Premiére building in Bratislava. The students’ designs were very interesting, but only one of them might win. Nevertheless, two students were awarded their prizes; 1st prize – Macbook, 2nd prize – a mobile phone. Congratulations to the winners! Already now, we are looking forward to the next year of the competition.