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Finep sk a.s.

History of the company

The company FINEP has been established back in 1995. It belongs among the largest development companies in the Czech Republic. FINEP specializes in construction of residential apartment projects and of large office centres. During implementation of its projects, FINEP puts great emphasis on above-standard services and satisfaction of its clients. The key factors are locality, original architecture, high-quality implementation of the construction, and full-fledged public amenities. As of today, company FINEP has built more than 8,500 new apartments within tens of successful projects. The office complexes built by the company FINEP include for example the City West project in Stodůlky, a quarter of Prague and providing a background for global companies, such as Siemens, Vodafone, Hyundai, Nixdorf, CGI, and Komerční banka.

In 2010, FINEP has been awarded the Developer of the Year, a prestigious award for high professional standards and quality of the services provided. High quality of individual projects is also supported with other awards. In the area of residential building construction, it was awarded the Best of reality project for the Mazanka project in Prague. City West, its complex of office buildings, was awarded several times.
FINEP is a Czech company that has extended its activities to Slovakia in 2006, and since 2013 it has started its project in Mongolia. The company’s product portfolio is supplemented with an offer of financial and real estate services. FINEP has also started a construction of the new cooperative housing in Czech Republic. In 2014, FINEP has bought the real estate company MAXIMA Reality and thus entered the secondary real estate market. MAXIMA Reality is the largest specialised real estate office in Prague and its environment. FINEP belongs in the FINEP HOLDING group that is, with its registered capital in the value of 4 billion CZK, the largest Czech development group in the Czech Republic. For more information see www.finep.cz.

FINEP has started its activities in Slovakia in 2006 with its Jégého alej project, the 4th phase of which has been completed in 2016. This residential project is situated near the centre of Bratislava. It is located in Jégého street in the quarter of Ružinov. The locality is distinguished by sufficient greenery, rich infrastructure and excellent availability of public transport.
After completion of Jégého alej construction, FINEP comes with another project. The sale of PREMIЀRE, a 23-storey residential project with panoramic view located in Šancová street in Staré mesto, has been started at the beginning of 2017.

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