We are FINEP

FINEP is one of the largest property development companies in the Czech Republic. Since being founded in 1995, it has built over 15,000 new apartments.

Its project roll-outs emphasise superior service and client satisfaction. Key factors are location, original architecture, quality construction, and comprehensive civic amenities. The product portfolio is complemented by a range of financial and real estate services.

FINEP expanded its operations to Slovakia in 2006, starting with the acquisition of the  Jégého alej project - located in the Bratislava district of Ružinov. This area is characterized by plenty of greenery, extensive infrastructure, and excellent transport links.

In 2015, FINEP entered the under construction Premiѐre high-rise project on Šancová Street in Staré Mesto, which has spectacular panoramic views. The project was successfully completed in 2020.

FINEP aims to focus on developing Bratislava’s Danubius project near Jégého alej in coming years. The project also includes the revitalisation of the former Cvernovka factory.