• Flat 0305.A - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 58,8 m2
    Flat 0309.A - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 52,2 m2
    Flat 0310.A - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 52,8 m2
    Flat 0301.B - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 58,2 m2
    Flat 0303.B - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 88,5 m2
    Apartment 0301A.A - Sold
    4+kitchenette, 102,7 m2
    Apartment 0302A.A - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 46,8 m2
    Apartment 0303A.A - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 56,8 m2
    Apartment 0304A.A - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 49,2 m2
    Apartment 0306A.A - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 57,7 m2
    Apartment 0307A.A - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 84,8 m2
    Apartment 0308A.A - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 80,7 m2
    Apartment 0311A.A - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 37,4 m2
    Apartment 0302A.B - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 90 m2
    Apartment 0304A.B - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 40,6 m2
    Apartment 0305A.B - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 61,6 m2
    Apartment 0306A.B - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 39,2 m2
    Apartment 0307A.B - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 57,1 m2
    Apartment 0308A.B - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 58,7 m2
    Apartment 0309A.B - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 57,5 m2
    Apartment 0310A.B - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 59,1 m2
    Apartment 0311A.B - On sale
    2+kitchenette 59,6 m2
    272 045 €
    Apartment 0312A.B - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 60,4 m2
    Apartment 0313A.B - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 59,7 m2
    Apartment 0314A.B - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 37,8 m2
    Apartment 0315A.B - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 58,3 m2
    Apartment 0316A.B - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 58,6 m2
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Apartment 0311A.B
59,6 m2
Balcony (5 m2), GarageThe price of the garage parking place is not included in the total price of the apartment., Storage roomThe price of the utility room is not included in the total price of the apartment.
Jégého alej V
3rd floor
iThe specified price does not include a garage parking place, utility room or storeroom.
NTentative reserved
272 045 €

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