Commercial premises KP0202.B

  • Apartment 0209.B - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 43,1 m2
    Apartment 0210.B - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 98,5 m2
    Apartment 0201.C - Sold
    4+kitchenette, 90,1 m2
    Apartment 0202.C - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 46,8 m2
    Apartment 0203.C - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 31,8 m2
    Apartment 0204.C - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 32,4 m2
    Apartment 0205.C - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 46,8 m2
    Apartment 0206.C - Sold
    4+kitchenette, 90,3 m2
    Apartment 0207.C - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 58,1 m2
    Apartment 0208.C - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 58,3 m2
    Commercial premises KP0201.A - On sale
    350,3 m2
    829 313 €
    Commercial premises KP0202.B - On sale
    149,3 m2
    353 546 €
iGallery Premiѐre
  • Flat planFlat
  • Floor planFloor

Commercial premises KP0202.B

  • Approved
2nd floor
149,3 m2
On sale
Price inc. VAT
1 972 €/per month
Installment from
iMonthly at LTV 80% and 30 years maturity, calculation is only indicative.Calculate your installments

About project Première

  • Première introduces a 23-storey building
  • more than 165 apartments within the project
  • parking places are available in the under-ground garage
  • modern urban housing of the 21st
  • panoramic view of the entire city
  • excellent accessibility by public transport
  • 15 minutes away from the city centre
  • Energy performance A
  • Progress: Approved
  • Architect: AHK ARCHITEKTI, s.r.o., Designer: OBERMEYER HELIKA s.r.o.


Advantages of doing business in Premiѐre:

  • good brand visibility
  • excellent accessibility (the main transport artery)
  • unique premises in the attractive locality
  • smooth parking for your customers directly in the building
  • a lot of potential customers nearby;
  • suitable for business and offices
  • possibility of variable arrangement.

About location

Šancová street is located in Staré Mesto (Old Town) and Nové Mesto (New Town) city quarters of Bratislava. It stretches from the intersection of Štefánikova and Pražská streets up to Trnavské mýto intersection.

It is an important communication artery in Bratislava and an attractive locality for living. The transport accessibility to other parts of Bratislava is ensured by the entire network of buses, trolleybuses and trams. Bratislava Hlavná stanica, which is the main railway station in Bratislava, is situated in close proximity to this locality.

The street boasts with several buildings that are national cultural monuments. On Šancová 1, there is a building of the original main railway station built in 1848 erected in the Late Classicism style. The Museum of Transport is located in the building's warehouse. The eclectic apartment house at Šancová 2 was built after 1908. The apartment building at Šancová 4 was built in the 90s of the 19th century in the same style and the apartment building at Šancová 6 was built before 1906. The buildings at Šancová 21-63 form the Unitas residential compound built at the beginning of the 1930s by the architects Fridrich Weinwurm (1884 – 1942) and Ignác Vécsei (1883 – 1944) for the socially poorer sections of the population. These are houses with galleries and with small apartments.

Thanks to its position, this locality belongs among the sought-after and attractive addresses for a full-enjoyment city life. It provides its citizens with decent amenities. You can get anywhere from there on foot very quickly and easily – to the Žilinská marketplace or to the historical centre, to the Presidential Palace or to the Central shopping centre.

One of the great benefits of this locality is the proximity of the Mountain Park and Koliba. Horský park (Mountain Park) is a Bratislava’s city park located in the Staré Mesto city quarter. Unlike other Bratislava’s parks, the Mountain Park is specific because it is practically in the centre of the city, yet it has almost untouched environment and original flora and fauna. Koliba is a popular place for people looking for relaxation, hiking or cycling. It is located at the foot of Malé Karpaty (Little Carpathians). On the outskirts of Koliba, it is in its vicinity, there is the Kamzík hill and the Kamzík TV Tower. Koliba is primarily known thanks to film studios, which you can find there too. The cable railway leading from Železná studienka to Koliba, which is designed for hikers and cyclists, was reconstructed in 2005.

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